The 51st Engineer Combat Battalion

Then & Now
The 51st ECB today is a World War II living history association based in the Washington DC area, with members in many of the mid-Atlantic states. We are dedicated to an authentic portrayal of the US G.I.'s in the combat engineers during World War II. As a group we participate regularly in battle reenactments and public living history programs, displays and demonstrations.  We are one of largest and fastest growing groups on the east coast. We are always glad to hear from anyone interested  in becoming a part of reenacting WW II ,if you are interested in joining, see our Join the 51st  Page.
      50 Years Ago...
      During the Second World War, the 51st Engineer Combat Bn served in the European theater as a part of the American First Army.Combat Engineers provided vital services to the army; building and maintaining roads and bridges, clearing and laying minefields, demolitions and many other jobs. Since combat engineers have traditionally also fought as infantry, much of their work was done under enemy fire.
        The 51st ECB was awarded a Presidential Unit Citation for it's role in blocking the advance of the German armored spearhead at Trois Ponts Belgium during the "Battle of the Bulge" in the winter of 1944. As the Germans tried to keep up the momentum of their attack, they were foiled at every turn as the engineers blew up bridges and manned roadblocks in their path.
        The 51st bridged the Rhine river at Remagen and was among the first units to cross. Forging ahead the engineers lived up to their motto, Clearing the Way for the army as it raced further into Germany. At every bridge they built could be found a sign bearing the battalion's un-official motto, 51st Again!

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A source for the book:"The 51st Again", a unit history.